Marcio's Homepage

I am post doctoral fellow in Biochemistry in the Tom Blundell Research group. I am interested in drug discovery and natural products biosynthesis.

My main project involves fragment based drug discovery against tuberculosis. The focus of my research are the biosynthetic pathways from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. At the moment I am working on the shikimate pathway (mainly the third enzyme, AroD), tryptophan, folate, P-aminobenzoic, and DAP biosynthetic pathways and also some chorismate utilizing enzymes from this organism. All enzymes for these pathways are interesting target from M. tuberculosis and we intent to obtain inhibitors for these enzymes using fragment based drug discovery using biophysics techniques such as thermal shift, ITC, MNR, SPR and crystallography. We have strong collaboration with Prof. Chris Abell from Department of Chemistry that are responsible by chemistry support for this project.
I am also working with natural products biosynthetic pathways from Streptomyces species. At the moment we are working in the fluoro acetate biosynthetic pathway from S. cattleya, mainly with the thioesterase FlK that is responsible by natural resistance of this organism for itself toxic product. We have also worked with validation of the production of chimera glycosyltransferases from glycopeptide antibiotics such as vancomycin and teicoplanin for the generation of new derivatives of antibiotics. And finally we are working in epoxide hydrolases from ionophores antibiotics to aim to understand the process of formation of ring in the structure of these compounds. In this project we have collaboration with Professor Peter Leadlay from Department of Biochemistry.